Bitter Sweet Ending

Well, it’s been one crazy adventure but unfortunately it has come to an end. Robyn has flown back to Vancouver, Anthony has headed back to his home in Massachusetts and Garrett and Aljoscha have returned to Virginia where they have begun to put all the pieces together to make this film come alive.

When we last left off, we had just entered Patagonia and we’re making our way into Patagonia National Park. Unfortunately, due to sickness, injury and time, we were unable to make the hike into the park so we ended up taking a bus to Cochrane, the closest town, and eventually caught a bus into the (soon to be) National Park.

Upon entrance, we we’re immediately blown away. One lonely road led into the park surrounded by towering peaks and land that you could see for miles and miles. There was something about the park too that nobody could quite put their finger on – it was just a feeling of awe.  

Once we reached the headquarters, we instantly took out the camera equipment and began filming. The buildings were reminiscent of the first National Parks in the U.S. with beautiful rock and ascetically pleasing structures, dozens of guanacos roamed the plains right next to the lodge, the sun peaked over the mountains and shed light onto the Chacabuco Valley below and we simply could not get enough.

We ended up staying two days in the park and both were equally incredible. We got to interview two members of the staff, the head gardener and the head guide of the park, who helped us learn more about how truly unique and amazing this place actually is. We also got an overview by heading up the nearby mountain and getting an absolutely breathtaking view of the Chacabuco Valley below. Words could not describe the beauty of the park – especially with the fall colors just reaching their peak.

In addition to the landscapes, we probably saw more wildlife than we had the whole entire trip while in the park. We witnessed herds and herds of guanacos, a sneaky fox family living near the garden and even an armadillo while trekking up the mountain behind the headquarters. It was truly remarkable to see the wildlife so abundant in an area that was once at such high risk through overgrazing decades ago.

The park was a prime example of the environmental movement that is currently happening in Chile. Especially with the announcement of the president agreeing to donate 10 million acres to the creation of National Parks and adding to existing ones. An achievement that will go down in history as one of the greatest conservation commitments of all time. Something very big is happening in Chile right now and we are extremely happy that we are able to be a part of it and ultimately contribute to the cause.

After our two amazing days in the park, it was unfortunately time for our journey to come to an end. After a couple long bus rides north, a 24-hour ferry ride followed immediately by a 12-hour bus ride, we eventually made our way back to Santiago where it all began over four months ago. We luckily were able to conduct a couple more interviews in Santiago with some of the leading environmental activists in Chile and it was the perfect way to wrap up a journey that got us in touch with some of the most intellectual people we had ever met.

As all adventures are, it was surely a bitter sweet ending. None of us were ready to leave and we knew we would miss Chile deeply but at the same time we felt a conclusion on our trip. We came there to travel for four months and to document the adventure and learn about this incredibly unique part of the world and that’s exactly what we did. We emerged ourselves into the culture, put ourselves through the most physically and mentally demanding trip any of us had ever experienced, met some of the most generous, hospitable and interesting people around and most importantly – we documented all of it. So in that regard, it was a sweet departure because very rarely are you able to chase your dreams and actually achieve exactly what you wanted. We hope it is an inspiration to all that no matter the obstacles, challenges or difficulties, you can overcome them and go after what you truly want in life.

We are now going through all the footage from the trip and are formulating the script for the film. We are more than happy with what we are seeing so far and have extremely high hopes for this film. It’s going to be a long process but we are excited to embark on our second journey of putting it all together and getting it out to you!

Over the course of the next few months, we will be releasing teasers, behind-the-scene shots, bloopers and actual footage from the film. We also will be bringing on an editor and potentially other team members to help us make this film a reality. We must ask that you remain patient as we put this film together as it is not something that can be rushed. With time, we are hopeful to have this film released all around the world and to make it something that can really have an impact.  

We also are still in the process of fundraising for the film and are still accepting donations through our website. If you are passionate about wild places, support what we are doing or just love a good adventure, please consider donating to the project through our PayPal link on our site. Any donation would be helping this film come alive and seen by people all over the world. We also are giving away some pretty awesome rewards in exchange for donations including film downloads, DVD’s, prints, credits and much more!

Lastly, as always, we want to thank you for your support on this adventure. Without you supporting us and encouraging us throughout the trip, it would have been a lot more difficult for us to complete this journey, so for that, we thank you. We will be showing our thanks by giving away free outdoor gear on our social media networks regularly and of course – by making this film the best it can possibly be!

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Hasta Pronto!