Departure Day

December 20th, 2016

“The word adventure has gotten overused. For me, when everything goes wrong – that’s when adventure starts” -Yvon Chouinard

That quote just about sums up our last week and most likely, our whole trip! In less than a week, we had to find a new traveler, get four people from different regions and countries to one location and figure out how to fit our whole livelihood on our back (not to mention 30+ pounds of camera equipment!) It's been a chaotic week leading up to departure and it's only the beginning - we still have four months of trekking ahead of us! 

That's really what an adventure is all about though. Sure, we could rent a car and drive our way through Patagonia and document it that way, but that defeats the purpose. The whole point of the film is to document this region like no one has before. It's about testing ourselves mentally and physically in hopes of coming back home with a different perspective. If we choose the easy way, we lose the chance of gaining something truly meaningful from this trip. 

For now, well keep this opening post short since we have many last minute things to finish up but know that there is much more to come! Today we leave for four months to take on one of the roughest, most remote and challenging adventures of our lives and our hope is to show you our journey each step of the way. We will be posting to this blog every week or so to give you an exclusive look into the creation of the film. We also will be posting to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share with you breathtaking photos of the trail and short updates of how it's going. Lastly, we may do some live Facebook videos, give-aways and other really cool stuff while on the trail so be sure to sign up for our email where we will be announcing those type of things.

Next time you hear from us well be over a week into the trail with blisters on our feet, smiles on our faces and most likely a few stories to tell! 

Safe travels,