“El Agua, Nuestra Voz”

(“The Water, Our Voice”)

"El Agua, Nuestra Voz" is a short environmental documentary featuring interviews we retrieved on our journey from the top environmentalists across Chile. The film focuses on water privatization, how it is affecting the country and how a community is joining together to protect the rivers.

To learn more about this movement and how you can get involved, visit http://rioslibres.cl/


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Composed by Rafael Rico


Behind-the-scenes videos/photos

This short time-lapse video highlights the diverse landscapes across Chile and "The Greater Patagonian Trail". From barren deserts to towering peaks to active volcanoes to lush forests - Chile truly has it all.


"Closer" is the official theme song for the documentary, produced and performed by our composer, Rafael Rico. The track is combined with some of the best stills from the journey - from outside Santiago all the way to the heart of Patagonia. 


First teaser for the feature documentary, showing the crews anticipations and expectations for their 4-month long journey.